Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How To Take Care Your T-Shirts

Hello again! Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend! Today I'm going to list ways to take care of  your T-shirts. Your T-shirts cost you money no matter how cheap they were, so learn how to take care of them. In terms of cars, the better the maintenance, the further the mileage! Here we go:
  • Wash white colored t-shirts separately with the colored ones
    • Unless you want your white t-shirt to become a pink one after the wash
  • Turn shirt inside-out. Machine wash cold. Use gentle cycle unless heavily soiled.
    • This is one of the most important steps that people tend not to do. Trust me, T-Shirts with prints on them will last a lot longer washed this way than the ones washed with the design on the outside.
    • Using color protecting detergent is a plus! Keep those vibrant colored t-shirts vibrant
  • Do not iron printed or embroidered areas.
    • This is pretty obvious but I didn't know it at first! When you use high heat, especially with the steam, on printed or embroidered areas, the design will either:
      1. Melts
      2. Breaks
      3. or Cracks
  • To prevent shrinkage and maintain vibrancy, tumble dry on low heat setting.
    • Or just buy pre-shrunk t-shirts
  • Do not dryclean
    • $3 per dry-clean of a $10-$30 t-shirt ? Why would you want to do that?
  • Lay flat and drip dry for supreme preservation and a long life.
    • I personally don't recommend drip drying since it leaves the t-shirt a little bit wrinkly and the hanger marks on the shoulders area
  • Don't leave your t-shirt in the washers/driers for too long after it's done washing/drying
    • It will wrinkle!
    • When this happens, use low heat iron on an inside-out t-shirt with a towel covering the trouble areas (design area).
  • Don't yank over your head or stretch over the shoulder areas when you put your arms through. 
    • You are over-stretching the seams when you do the above mentioned actions
  • Buy t-shirts that are your size!
    • If you are a slightly overweight, don't buy a Small shirt. Wear your Large shirt comfortably!
    • It's actually bad for your health and bad for the t-shirts (again, you are stretching the seams and you are squeezing your body)
There you have it! I hope your t-shirt will last longer this way.

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