Monday, June 7, 2010

Off topic, but DAMN I WANT THIS! Apple iPhone 4 preorder starts June 15th

So… Steve Jobs announced the new iPhone 4 today – show of hands who wants it?
Some of the interesting new features it will have:
  • HD video recording
  • ability to edit video on the fly with imovie
  • 2 mics (better sound quality)
  • 5MP camera with LED flash
  • slimmer and lighter design (the slimmest smart phone out there right now)
  • comes in black and white
  • priced at $199 (16gb) or $299 (32gb)
  • VIDEO CALLS – Wi-fi only for 2010
  • folder creations for apps (11 pages, 18 folders, 12 apps each) – better organization
  • new Apple A4 processor
  • Glass is 30x more durable than plastic – more scratch resistance than the old one
  • better gyro, accelerometer, and GPS for 6-axis motion = better gaming experience
  • resolution is 3x the old one + retina display = no more blurry pictures
  • ATT is offering 6 month early termination if a 3GS user want to upgrade – should take advantage of this
  • a lot of other new features
  • Still no Adobe Flash :(
When are they coming out you say? June 24th ! that’s 3 weeks away The preorder starts on June 15th … good luck preordering it!

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