Tuesday, May 11, 2010

3 More Hearts Designs Are UP! So are the Baby Got Back Zipped Up Hoodies

Daily update: 05/11/2010

As the title said! Just kidding. Here's the proper intro:
3 new designs from the Hearts series just got approved and have been added to the shop
you can find them at VOM Design Hearts Series. Here's a couple of samples from them:

I have exciting news for all those graduating on 2010. Baby Got Back Limited Graduation Edition (only 50 in production) will go live tomorrow night! I don't have link for the product right now since it is under the approval process but will update the blog and Facebook for sure!
How does it look like? You just have to wait until tomorrow!

Another exciting news for tomorrow: Baby Got Belly series is going to be introduced!
So far i have 1 design of the Baby Got Belly series and looking forward for the response and feedback.

That is it for today!

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