Thursday, May 13, 2010

No new designs tonite *sorry* - 12 uploaded & waiting for approval!

Daily update: 05/13/10

Sorry to say there are no new designs or new product for tonight (I blame Tony Stark for this).
I went to see Ironman 2 and came back home really late.

But, nevertheless, I will keep on with my schedule of having 100 designs in 1 month (deadline is end of May). I uploaded 12 designs tonight (including Baby Got Belly - Piggy) and if everything gets approved tomorrow, I will have a total of 41 designs.

Although my main series are the Baby Got Back and Baby Got Bellies, I wanted to introduce a design series based on the store name: Voices of Mars. Hopefully with this series, I could create some sort of branding that is not too attached to both of the BGB seriesI found out that VOM was already taken by some church group and I don't feel any of my design should be affiliated with any churches.

Another plan that I have is opening up 2 online store front. One using Spreadshirt, while the other is using Storenvy. I will have the 2nd store out by the time I hit my goal of 100 designs in 1 month.

It is kind of hard to concentrate on designing while I have my other half of the brain thinking of internet marketing tools. Voicesofmars is already set up on YouTube, waiting for me to record a video. Any ideas on what to shoot for?

To anyone reading this, here's my plea: tell your friends about Voices of Mars! Be a fan, add me on Facebook, follow me @virtualonmars!

That is it for today's update. I will not be posting anything up on Saturday since it is my paintballing day! But I will work on the store more on Sunday, hoping to have at least 10 designs uploaded to be approved by Monday! C'ya then!

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